About us

In the beginning............sounds like Genesis 1:1...right?

I, like most boys growing up in a rural community, grew up with a good, old-fashioned MUTT. The more accurate word would be "mongrel" -- a mixed dog with multiple backgrounds. I grew up with a black Poodle and Spitz mix. I remember clearly picking out our dog from my Uncles' farm and taking him home where he lived for 16+ years.

Beth and I originally bought our first dog Nigel, a male Golden Retriever. We simply felt a natural draw toward Golden's because of their wonderful temperament, beautiful color and coat. Nigel was truly a "learning experience." We were not well-informed about Golden Retrievers, much less purebred dogs. Well, Nigel continued to grow and grow...and grow...and grow into Clifford the Big Red Dog -- extremely out of the AKC standards -- along with thyroid problems, which we still control with medicine. Rather than pass Nigel's thyroid condition on to offspring, we neutered him and made him our "big horse pet." We honestly did not know or study the possible genetic weaknesses or the AKC standards before getting Nigel.  I would like every person who is interested in buying any pet to make an informed choice and learn a little about the breed they are considering.

We then went on a mission to study and obtain as much information as we could. We contacted reputable breeders devoted to producing AKC Standard pups. We now maintain a small kennel devoted to producing genetically healthy and well-tempered dogs, the two most important aspects of breeding. We have spent a lot of time and money and put a lot of heart into doing things right. Investing in quality and champion bloodlines is the hallmark of our micro-kennel. We started with our Golden's and thoroughly enjoy the Golden Retriever temperament and fun loving spirit. The combination of Goldens and Poodles -- both standard and miniature -- are an absolutely wonderful, unique hybrid. When breeding two purebreds, the offspring benefit by inheriting the best traits of both breeds.

Well, I would have never imagined that someday my family and I would be raising our own Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Miniature Goldendoodles and Cockapoos. I feel very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to own our small Micro-Kennel, staying small and focusing directly on genetically healthy, gentle tempered dogs.

Come join the "Dandy-Doodle family"! Give us a call and we would love to talk about our Dandy-Doodles and Retrievers.

Enjoy your stay!

The Geise Family